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The synthetic oil replacements are probably the most important maintenance task that you should keep up with. To learn how you can stay on top of them, read this post by Factory Direct Oil Inc. in Moyock.

It's safe to say that the engine is the most important component in your vehicle, as it is the one in charge of making it move. However, for your engine to remain in perfect working condition, you need to provide regular synthetic oil replacements. This makes the synthetic oil changes the most crucial maintenance task you should keep up with to have a strong and healthy vehicle. If you aren't great at staying on top of them, however, the following post will share tips to help you improve on this.

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How to Keep Up With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

Learn More About Their Importance

It may be that the main reason why you're not more diligent with your engine's synthetic oil changes is that you don't realize just how important they are. If that's the case, then don't worry, as you'll find a quick summary right here. First, you should know that when your engine is running, the moving parts in it are running, too, brushing up against each other as they do. This generates a lot of friction and heat. With time, these can cause those components to wear down and stop working effectively. This affects the vehicle's performance, its lifespan, the environment, and your wallet. To avoid all that, there's synthetic oil that coats, protects, and lubricates the engine, smoothing its processes, lessening the friction and heat, and slowing down their wear and tear. However, it needs to be changed every so often since time, use, and other factors can lower its effectiveness, leaving your engine exposed.

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Learn When to Get the Synthetic Oil Changed

Now that you're aware of why you need to change the oil in your engine, you need to learn when it's time to do it. There are a few signs that it needs to be replaced that you need to look out for. To find out what they are, continue reading below:
  • First, you need to pay attention to how many miles you've driven on the same oil, as you need to change it after a number of them. However, the exact number varies depending on several factors, so turn to your mechanic or owner's manual to learn more.
  • Another indicator is time. If it's been over a year since the last synthetic oil change, then it's high time you got another one (even if your vehicle was parked for most of it).
  • You should also look at the synthetic oil's condition. When it has a gritty texture, a dark brown color, and it's not at the required levels, it's time to make a change.
  • Lastly, you should notice how your vehicle behaves. If the 'Check Engine' light on your dashboard is on, or the engine is jumpy and noisy, changing the oil may help. Still, take it to a mechanic just in case.

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Use Different Reminders of the Replacements

Lastly, if the reason why you aren't more diligent with your vehicle's synthetic oil changes is that they slip your mind, there are things you can do to help you out. Here are a few ideas you can put to good use:
  • Firstly, you can set an alarm on your phone to remind you of the replacements. Set it for every six months, and be sure to label it correctly.
  • You can also keep a notebook where you jot down the replacements, when they took place, and how many bottles you used.
  • The burden of remembering the synthetic oil changes doesn't need to be just yours. If you share the vehicle, share the responsibility.
  • Lastly, you can sign up for reminder services. Nowadays, many agencies and auto shops can notify you when your vehicle is due to get a routine inspection or new oil.

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