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A properly lubricated vehicle performs better and lasts longer. To learn what types of lubricant your vehicle needs, read this post that Factory Direct Oil Inc. has prepared for you. 

How to Lubricate Your Vehicle Properly

For your vehicle to work like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be a well-oiled machine. However, one kind of oil just won't do the trick; your vehicle requires different types of lubricants to fulfill different kinds of jobs. To learn how you can keep your vehicle properly lubricated, so it can continue working as expected for a long time, read and follow the tips mentioned below.

Motor Oil

Let's start talking about arguably the most important part of any vehicle: its engine. As you can imagine, the engine works incredibly hard in order to get your vehicle moving to where you want to go. However, to do that in an effective way, it requires some lubrication, as its moving parts can rub against each other, creating friction, heat, and premature wear. The engine oil coats the engine's components, reduces the friction, smooths out the processes that go on inside it, and extends the engine's lifespan.

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Transmission Fluid

Yes, your vehicle's engine is the one responsible for making it move. However, the transmission system is the one in charge of allowing you to control the speed at which you move, since it helps you change gears (both in automatic and manual vehicles). Much like the engine, the transmission system works with moving components that can wear down after some time and use, which is why it needs a special fluid, the transmission fluid, that can lubricate and protect said components, to ensure their proper functioning for longer.

Brake Fluid

It should go without saying that the braking system in your vehicle should be working perfectly at all times. General Automotive Servicenter mentions you should get it checked if you hear screeching, if you notice something odd, or if it's leaking. One of the things you should check is the brake fluid, as it is instrumental for the system. More so than lubricate it, it is a hydraulic fluid that aids in the transferring of the power that slows down or stops the vehicle.

Power Steering Fluid

When you drive, you have to steer, lest you want to end up crashing against a tree. To that end, your vehicle works with a power steering system which, as you may have guessed, requires power steering fluid. Similarly to the brake fluid, aside from providing lubrication, the power steering fluid also serves to transfer power from one place to another, aiding the steering process go over smoothly.

The Grease

Your vehicle requires oils and grease to remain properly lubricated. The difference between them is that grease is a thicker and stickier substance, which is just what certain moving parts of your vehicle need in order to function correctly (for example, the vehicle's wheel bearings).

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Gear Lube

Not all vehicle are made the same or for the same purpose, which means that the lubrication needs will vary depending on the vehicle. That's why, if you have a heavy duty vehicle (such as a big truck), you will need gear lube to keep it performing perfectly. Gear lube is more resistant for extreme conditions, which is ideal for a powerful vehicle.

Penetration Lubricant

In some cases, you don't need a lubricant for protection or to smooth out a process, you just need it to loosen up a stuck component (a bolt). Penetration lubricants are perfect for this because their thin consistency will help them introduce themselves into those nooks and crannies, and make them slippery.

Dry Lubricant

Finally, there are dry lubricants (for example, graphite), which also work to fix problems like the penetration lubricants do. The difference here is that dry lubricants are, obviously, dry (i.e. don't have much moisture), which makes them ideal to work on areas that don't allow moisture (like a door lock).

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