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Don't put your life at risk! Enjoy the benefits of a bike while staying safe and keeping your motorcycle engine well protected. The following advice can help you learn to have a safer ride. 

Motorcycles Are Great, but They Require Special Care and More Precaution

Having a motorcycle can give you many advantages, it gives you the possibility to travel with ease, reduces fuel costs, and saves you time. Yet, its also important to you consider the fact that when you ride a motorcycle you are also less protected and more exposed to danger. In fact, motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to suffer fatal damages in a crash. Of course, it all depends on your driving habits, the safety precautions you take, and how well you maintain your motorcycle. That is why today we want to share some information that can help you maintain your bike and make your rides safer.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Bike and Have a Safer Ride

  • Own the right bike. When purchasing a motorcycle, you must always ensure that you buy one that fits you right and that you can handle. Even if you have ridden or owned a bike before, you will find that nowadays motorcycles have engines that are much more powerful than they were 10 years ago. Even those models that come with small displacement engines can still have quite a potency. That is why it is important to really consider your needs and capacities before you select a motorcycle. Click here to visit Honda's learning to ride website for more information about different bike models and how to select the right one for you.
  • Learn the law. Once you have purchased the right bike, it's time to officially learn the state regulations and official safety information. It is always recommended that even if you have previously owned a bike or have ridden one, that you still take a safety riding course. Most official courses will go over the laws and regulations in your state and it is important to be well aware of them and follow them.
  • Get to know your bike. Once you start using your bike you will learn to get the feel of it better and to distinguish when something feels ¨off,¨ such as when the brakes need adjusting or when the tires need air. However, this takes practice and time. In the mean time, make sure you religiously follow the instructions in your owner's manual in regards to maintenance and checks.
  • Check the oil. Regularly check the oil in your motorcycle and add more when needed. Also, take care of oil changes right away and don't prolong them for too long. Make sure you use a reliable motorcycle oil. AMSOIL synthetic oil is always the best option because of its durability, protection, and performance enhancing benefits. They carry a variety of motorcycle oils, each for different types of bikes, such as their SAE 60 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil that is ideal for most bike engines with that oil grade requirement. Go to AMSOIL's online store for more motorcycle oil varieties or click here to contact Factory Direct Oil Inc and get help selecting the motorcycle oil you need.
  • Check your bike before you head out. Before you even head out, you need to make sure that your bike is in good shape and that it has been well maintained. You should always make sure that all fluids are on check, that the brakes are functioning perfectly, that the chain is well adjusted, and that the tires are properly inflated. These are key points in your bike that need to be constantly verified in order to make your ride safer.
  • Stay alert. Always stay alert and drive with care while placing your full attention on the road.
  • Do not use your bike in bad weather. Another thing all riders should keep in mind is that when it comes to riding a motorcycle, a lot of other things come into play. External factors can have a greater impact on your control and your safety. Road hazards and weather conditions affect you more, so it is best to avoid bad weather and to be more cautious on unknown roads. Do your best to not use your motorcycle when it rains. Even light rain can reduce the grip of the tires, cause you to lose visibility, and reduce your reaction time to danger. Also remember that potholes, bumps, or spills that would not normally affect a car can definitely affect your control of the bike, especially in bad conditions.

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Bike in Chesapeake

Even the slightest failure in the engine can lead to a more threatening accident. Never neglect changing your oil or completing other maintenance tasks. For this and all your motorcycle engine needs, AMSOIL can provide the best products. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc today at (757) 377-5823.

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