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Making an effort to be a more environmentally conscious driver is a must in this day and age. Learn how to become one through the tips in this post by Factory Direct Oil Inc. in Moyock.

With the situation the world is in now, the responsible thing to do for yourself, the future generations, and the environment, is to take certain steps to become a greener member of society. For example, you can become a more eco-friendly driver. The small efforts you make to reduce your emissions and lessen air pollution can actually make a change. If you're interested in becoming a greener driver, the following post will share tips that you can put to good use.

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How to Make Your Vehicle Greener

Keep Your Vehicle in Mint Shape

For starters, you should know that an overworked engine is one that is more likely to have high emissions. This is because, the more the engine has to work to keep you going, the more fuel it will waste and the more emissions it will produce. That's why, it's necessary that you keep your vehicle in mint shape. Worn down tires, faulty brakes, a dirty system, and more, can lead to more pollution. Schedule regular visits to the mechanic so your vehicle can be evaluated and to fine-tune any areas that may need it.

Drive Around Gently

Some people love the thrill of being a reckless driver: making sharp turns, speeding, slamming on the brakes, hitting the curb, and more. Still, not only are those daredevil practices dangerous and costly (since the vehicle's components will break down faster due to the increased stress), but they can also be incredibly wasteful. The more you make your engine work, the more fuel you will waste and the more your vehicle will pollute. Become a gentler driver to take care of your well-being, your wallet, and the environment.

Know Where You Are Going

Driving around aimlessly from one place to the next is a surefire way to contribute to air pollution. Whenever you're driving, you're produce carbon dioxide, which means that the more you do it, the more you contaminate the air. For that reason, before you head out, know where you are going and how you'll get there. If you have more than one stop to make, plan the trip in a way that makes sense. This will also make you more time-efficient and less stressed.

Restrict Its Use

Having a vehicle can make life infinitely more comfortable. Still, that comfort can take the best of you and will have you using your vehicle for every single errand you have to run. If you truly want to commit to being a greener driver, then you need to lessen how much you use your vehicle. You can try walking, taking a bike, or organizing a carpool system in your neighborhood, to reduce your contribution to air pollution and traffic.

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Travel Lightly

As mentioned a few times over already, the more your engine has to work to move your vehicle, the more wasteful it becomes. As you can imagine, the heavier the vehicle is, the more difficult it will be for the engine to move it. This is why it's recommended that you travel lightly. Try to avoid using your vehicle as a junk yard, or extra storage space, and only drive with what's absolutely necessary.

Stay Fresh Consciously

This next trip can be a bit tricky, since it won't give you a clear answer. This is because, some people think that driving with your windows down is more wasteful, since the air fills up the vehicle and makes it heavier. Others consider that turning the AC is worse, since it needs fuel to keep going. The truth is that the answer depends on a few different factors. Research the topic thoroughly to make the best decision for you and the environment.

Employ a Top Fuel Additive

If we already know that your vehicle's emissions are directly related to how much fuel you use up, then the better you use the fuel, the less you'll pollute, right? To follow that logic, you should employ a top performing fuel additive such as AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive. It will ensure that you get the most miles out of your fuel, which can be great news for the environment and your wallet.

Feed Your Engine With Synthetic Oil

A well-maintained engine can do wonders for your vehicle's performance, lifespan, and emissions. That's why, it's important that you employ a high quality synthetic oil that can lubricate and protect it effectively. The smoother the engine works, the greener driver you will be. Just be sure to change the oil when needed.

Working with top quality products, such as the most effective synthetic oil in Moyock, can help you have a greener vehicle. Call Factory Direct Oil Inc. at (252) 435-6789, or visit AMSOIL's online store to place an order for such products today.


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