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Lubrication is one of the most important parts of your vehicle´s maintenance. Yet, did you know it includes more than just oil changes? Read on to find out more about how you can better protect and care for your vehicle through lubrication tasks in other areas of your car.

Engine Oil Is a Crucial Part of Your Vehicle's Care but It Is Not the Only One

There are several parts of your vehicle that to be better cared for during the hot months because they face corrosion, deterioration, and oxidation, which intensifies with the heat. That is why today we want to dig deeper into the need for proper lubrication during this time of year.

Stay on Top of Your Oil Checks and Changes This Summer

The heat and other weather conditions that this time of year brings can create quite a few negative effects in your vehicle. One of those side-effects is that fluid evaporation and consumption intensifies. The engine is one of the main components that resents this right away. That is why it is important that you stay even more vigilant of engine oil and motor oil levels during the summertime.

Synthetic Oil Is Always Your Best Option

Some conventional oils have a high volatility and are more likely to be consumed faster during the hotter seasons. Therefore, you need to stay vigilant of this and ensure that you are using quality motor oil. Try AMSOIL's Signature Series synthetic oil for longer heat durability and continuous friction coverage. This ultimate lubricant provides up to 25,000 miles of oil change-free lubrication. Which means you save money, time, and don´t have to worry about changing your oil during the middle of the road trip. Get a synthetic oil change with AMSOIL today.

What About Other Parts That Require Lubrication?

There are also other parts of your vehicle that don´t rely on fluids but that require friction protection. Parts such as the chassis, the suspension, and other more external components of your vehicle cannot rely on motor oil because the thin and fluid consistency of oil would not provide much coverage since it would just slip past these parts. However, these parts and pieces face friction and corrosion as well, and with the heat and hotter weather, they are more likely to deteriorate if they don´t have reliable protection. That is where grease comes in.

Grease Does the Job

You may have heard of grease before and not been really sure of what it does and why it is a necessary part of your car´s maintenance. Well, grease is basically the gunky thicker type of lubricant that doesn´t run as thin or liquid as the oil. Therefore, it can be used for areas and parts where lubrication and protection are required but where a thin lubricant would be useless. There are all types of grease used for different applications. From multi-purpose grease to food-grade grease used for appliances and kitchen machinery. You can find the type of grease you need in the AMSOIL online store or contact Factory Direct Oil Inc directly at (757) 377-5823 for assistance in what you are looking for.

Examples of Grease Types That Your Vehicle Might Need

One of the most common types of grease for vehicles is Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease. This type of grease is used often for over-the-road trucks and commercial equipment that operate in all types of weather. It provides superior rust protection and is created to deliver maximum protection in extreme-pressure applications. It comes in NLGI #1 and Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #2.

Understanding the Basics of the NLGI Grease Consistency Number

The NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) number is the grade level of grease consistency. This measures the thickness or consistency of grease. The numbers range from 000 to 6. The number 000 is a very fluid type of grease while 6 is one that is very hard. However, the normal range for most types of grease is 1 to 4. One is soft and four being very firm.

When You Need a Grease and a Synthetic Oil Change in Chesapeake, You Know Who to Contact

In order to keep your vehicle running well, you need to make sure that you provide it with the proper lubrication and corrosion protection. That is why it is necessary that you select the right products for the job. AMSOIL offers the most resistant and truly durable lubricants. Their trustworthy products are some of the best on the market, get a hold of them today by contacting Factory Direct Oil Inc. Dial (757) 377-5823 right now, and ask about how you can get a discount price.

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