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Synthetic Oil for Complete Friction Protection

Sometimes friction can be good, like  when having to starting a fire in the wild, but it is dreadful when talking about your engine. That is because intense friction and lack of proper lubrication is the leading cause of engine breakdowns, but don´t fret. Damage caused by friction may be the number one cause of engine breakdown but it is also the most preventable problem. At Factory Direct Oil Inc we feel that it is very important to be well informed in order to best take care of our vehicles and that is why today we want to further discuss the important role synthetic oil plays when it comes to friction protection.

How Friction Affects the Engine

The engine contains several parts that need to be in constant movement when the vehicle is turned on. These engine parts tend to slide up against each other as they move. Eventually such constant contact becomes intense grinding that ends up filing down the parts and wearing them out. If the engine where to just run like that without any protection it would not last very long. Although some parts may briefly rub each other and eventually wear out, there could be more a more quick and more dangerous reaction. In the event that the vehicle is running without lubrication, the engine is forced to work harder or faster, the abrasion caused by such continuous scraping  would be so intense that it could cause the engine parts to break immediately and the engine would suffer a severe breakdown. Any type of engine repair is expensive but even more so when it comes to this sort of collapse. That is why it is crucial that you never postpone or delay engine maintenance, specially when it comes to the lubrication system of the engine.

The Best Way to Protect the Engine is With Synthetic Oil

The lubrication system of the engine is in charge of making sure the motor oil is properly dispersed throughout the parts of the engine that need lubrication. Among the several jobs that motor oil has, the most important is to lubricate the engine parts so that they do not suffer from the harsh effects of friction. That is why it the type of motor oil that you use is such an important factor in how well the engine is protected against friction. Using Amsoil full synthetic oil is a great way to protect your engine against the harmful effects of friction. Contact us now to learn more about full synthetic oil and how it can best help protect your engine and prolong its durability.

Other Things You Should do to Protect the Engine Against Friction

There also other important things that need to be done in order to best stay protected against the negative and catastrophic effects of friction. Some things you can do to help prevent friction damage is to check the oil often and change it as needed. Both the state the oil is in and the quantity are important, if there is not enough motor oil the engine will lack sufficient protection. Also, make sure that all parts of the lubrication system are properly working, specially the oil filter and oil pump. The oil pump, the pick up tube, the pressure relief valve, the oil filter, and the oil pan are all important pieces that make up the lubrication system of the engine.

How the Oil System Works

The oil pump sucks out the oil from the oil pan and into the pick up tube. The oil pump usually spits out more oil than needed,as a defense mechanism so the engine always has sufficient oil, and this causes pressure to gather up. The pressure relief valve is there to discharge the gathered pressure and surplus of oil that the oil pump releases. Before the motor oil goes and lubricates, the oil filter removes any impurities and soot that the oil may be carrying. After this, the oil goes through the spurt holes and galleries that spread out the oil evenly to the engine parts that need lubrication. Once the synthetic oil has covered the engine parts with a film of slippery and slick coating, they are well protected and cushioned against the friction that is created by the constant movement between the pieces.

The Right Synthetic Oil Change in Virginia Beach

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