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To ride your motorcycle safely, you need to do so with the necessary protective gear. If you need assistance to know what protective gear to wear, read this post that Factory Direct Oil Inc. in Moyock has for you.

As much fun as riding a motorcycle can be, it's very dangerous. When you do, your body is completely exposed, meaning that even the slightest fall can have ugly consequences. That's why if you want to remain unharmed during your motorcycle riding, you need to wear the appropriate motorcycle gear to ensure you'll be protected in case of an accident. To learn more about what your protective motorcycle riding gear should include to keep you as safe as possible on the road, continue reading the post below.

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Protective Gear to Wear While on a Motorcycle

A Helmet to Protect Your Head

Something that you should never neglect when riding a motorcycle is wearing a helmet. Needless to say, your head is a pretty important part of your body, so you need to protect it in case you're thrown out or fall in an accident. A helmet that's strong but lets you move, see and hear, will absorb some of the impact and will help you avoid as much serious or fatal injuries as possible. You and your riders should always wear one when riding. It's required by law.

Gloves to Protect Your Hands

Imagine that you're falling off your motorcycle. What would you do to break your fall? You'd probably put your hands out, right? For this reason, you need to protect your hands when you're riding. After all, in a big fall, you could seriously scratch or even break your hands. To protect them, you will have to wear gloves. It's recommended that you opt for leather gloves with reinforced palms. In the colder months, this will also help you keep your hands warm.

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Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

when you're riding a motorcycle, you have wind, dust, bugs, and other elements hitting you in the face. Not to mention, certain weather conditions (like rain and extreme sunlight) can also affect your vision. To make sure your eyesight isn't compromised when you're riding, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. They may not be necessary if your helmet has a face shield, however.

Sturdy Clothes to Protect Your Body

It should go without saying that being thrown out of your motorcycle can be very painful. You can end up with bruises, scratches, and even shattered bones as a result of a motorcycle-riding accident. To protect your body, you need to wear sturdy clothes that can keep you covered. A sturdy motorcycle jacket and jeans can be of assistance. However, it's recommended that you don't wear loose or lengthy clothing that could get caught.

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Sturdy Shoes to Protect Your Feet

Your feet are a small and delicate part of your body. This means they're more vulnerable to serious injuries if you're in an accident. That's why you should also take some steps to protect them. Using sturdy footwear (like boots and closed-toe shoes) can work. Whatever you do, don't wear flip-flops or heels, as they can make riding your motorcycle harder and more dangerous.

A Few Extras

Lastly, there are a few extra protective items that can keep you safer as you're riding your motorcycle. For example, if the wind or the noise is too much for your ears, you can wear special earplugs that still allow you to listen to certain sounds. Of course, if the weather is lower, you can stay warmer with additional layers of thick clothing (just be sure they don't reduce your mobility too much).

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