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If you have a boat and want to have safe and fun rides on it, you need to have certain safety equipment onboard. To learn what that entails, read this post that Factory Direct Oil Inc. in Moyock has put together for you.

The hot summer weather creates the perfect environment to spend a day outside on your boat. Few things can be as fun and relaxing as feeling the breeze and seeing the blue water all around you. Still, as relaxing and enjoyable as a day on your boat may seem, you still need to take some steps to make sure it's a safe trip as well. For example, you need to have certain safety equipment onboard, as you never know what could happen to you, your passengers, or the boat when you're out on the water. Since you don't have the option to return promptly to shore, you need tools that can help you deal with unforeseen circumstances effectively. To learn what useful tools you absolutely should have on your boat, continue reading the post below.

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Safety Equipment Your Boat Should Have

Enough Life Jackets and Throw Rings

For starters, everyone on the boat (including yourself) should be wearing a life jacket that can keep them afloat in case they fall over. You should also keep extra throw rings or other flotation devices that can help the passengers if there's an accident.

Flares, Bells, and Whistles

You should maintain your boat perfectly to keep it from malfunctioning and leaving you stranded out on the water. Still, if that happens, you'll want to have flares, bells, and whistles on the boat so you can signal to other vessels nearby that you need help.

Anchor and Paddles

Anchors and paddles have the exact opposite effect: anchors help you stop, paddles help you keep going. You should have a long enough anchor to help you remain on one spot. Paddles will work best to get smaller vessels moving if their primary propulsion fails.

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Fire Extinguishers

Even if you're in the middle of the ocean, a fire can start on your boat. To deal with them effectively, you should have a few of them on board. You should also ensure they're in good condition and that you know how to use them correctly so they can be helpful in a fire.

Medicine and Medical Equipment

People can also get injured or feel sick when they're on the boat. Since you won't be able to get to a doctor soon, have medicine and medical equipment on the boat. Again, the kit should be complete, in good condition, and you should know how to use the tools in it.

Navigation Tools

A big body of water can be a confusing area to navigate. That's why if you don't know how to read the stars, you will need navigation tools that can help you find the way. Of course, you can use a map and a compass, but you can also turn to electronic navigation devices.

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Potable Water and Non-Perishable Food

If you'll be out on the water all day, you will need to eat and drink water. Moreover, if your boat gets stranded, you will also need sustenance while help gets to you. To that end, keep enough potable water and non-perishable food for you and your passengers.

Communication Devices

If you end up needing help when you're boating, having fully charged, functional communication devices (like cellphones or a marine radio) will be a lifesaver. That's why you should never leave the bay without making sure you have a way to communicate.

Miscellaneous Items

Finally, there are miscellaneous items that can be incredibly helpful: hand sanitizer, aloe vera, scissors, a lighter, towels, an extra change of clothes, windbreakers, blankets, and more. They can get you out of a pickle if the situation ever calls for them.

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