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An overheated engine that shuts down is never what you want when you're driving around. To make sure you preven it from happening to you, read this post that Factory Direct Oil, Inc. in Moyock has put together for you. 

The engine in your vehicle can overheat because of a few different reasons. For one, it could be that you haven't been keeping up with its maintenance and the old coolant or synthetic oil aren't enough for it to run effectively. It may be that the radiator is blocked or the water pump is failing. It may be that you've been stressing your engine more than necessary. Whatever the case may be, the high temperatures of the hotter months can definitely increase the chances of your engine overheating. To make sure that your vehicle won't leave you stranded on the side of the road due to an overheated engine, you should read and follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

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How to Keep Your Engine from Overheating

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

How can you expect your engine to respond adequately if you don't keep your vehicle in top shape? One of the most important tips to consider if you want to avoid an overheated engine is to make sure it's not stressed out. Taking it to a professional mechanic for routine inspections, or the moment you notice an issue with it, will help it run smoothly and effectively for longer, which will reduce the chances of the engine overheated.  

Don't Stress the Engine Out

As mentioned above, you shouldn't stress the engine out. This is because the more stressed it is, the more it will have to work, and the more heat will be generated within it. That's why you should find ways to ease the workload on it. For example, you need to be a gentler driver, avoid overpacking your vehicle, and generally, treat your engine like it deserves to be treated.  

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Be Mindful of the Coolant

When the engine is running, its moving parts brush against each other. This generates an intense amount of heat inside it that could lead it to shut down. Luckily, the vehicle has a cooling system that is meant to regulate the engine's temperature and keep it from shutting down. However, that cooling system also needs to be maintained. Mainly, you need to make sure that the coolant is in the proper condition, so it can perform its job as needed.

Look After the Temperature Gauge

Especially if your vehicle has overheated in the past, you should keep an eye out for the temperature gauge. As you may be aware, the temperature gauge is there to let you know how the engine is doing and if the heat in it is getting too intense. Noticing the temperature gauge will allow you to take certain measures when the needle is nearing the 'red' zone, so your vehicle doesn't overheat.  

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Keep Heat Away from Your Vehicle

As previously stated, the outside temperature isn't the only reason why an engine may overheat, but it can definitely increase the chances of it doing so. For that reason, now that the hotter months are getting closer and closer, you need to find ways to keep your vehicle away from the heat. For example, you can park it in the shade whenever possible, or you can use sun shades to shield it from the intensely hot sunshine.

Take Certain Precautions

Lastly, if your engine has been known to overheat, you will need to take certain precautions. For one, you will need to keep a bottle of coolant or water in the vehicle, so you can pour them into the cooling system if the engine starts becoming hot. Or, if the temperature gauge is indicating the engine is getting hot, you can turn on the heater and blast it, to help some of the heat in the engine escape safely.  

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