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Protecting the engine and keeping it in good state is important if you want your vehicle to last a long time.  Most engine wear happens when starting the engine, in fact 90% of engine friction happens during starts. That is why at Factory Direct Oil Inc we want to talk about how to best protect your engine with a synthetic oil change.

Cold Starts Harm Your Engine, Protect it With Synthetic Oil

The greatest danger that engines face is friction, and this is specially true in the winter. Cold starts are responsible for most of the engine wear and tear. Cold starts happen when the engine is turned on during cold temperatures, for example in the chilly winter mornings. The engine is most likely cold at that time and the oil in the oil pan is also cold. Conventional motor oil thickens at low temperatures and cannot effectively travel throughout the engine to offer lubrication. This puts the engine in grave danger as it will suffer from the negative effects of friction. Luckily full synthetic oil does not have that problem and its chemical composition allows it to stay smooth and flowing continuously, offering superior lubrication without being affected by the temperature.

Full Synthetic Oil Offers the Most Protection

Full synthetic oil is the type of motor oil that offers the most complete and constant protection against friction and other dangerous factors that the engine may face. It can withstand extreme driving conditions and intense temperatures from extreme cold to scorching heat.  Its superior and stable structure allows it to last much longer than other motor oils, leading to fewer oil changes and greater savings.

The Best Motor Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Chesapeake

Start saving and protecting your engine year round, with full synthetic oil. Purchase only the best for your synthetic oil change, buy Amsoil today. Amsoil full synthetic oil delivers enhanced performance and incredible durability for your engine. Call us now at (757) 377-5823 for more information and assistance in choosing the best products for your engine, we are always happy to help.

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