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There are some rumors going around synthetic oil and the effects it has on your engine, on your wallet, and more. In this post, Factory Direct Oil Inc. will name some of the most popular synthetic oil myths, and why they're just myths.

There's no denying the importance that myths have had on our societies over time. It is through them that our ancestors explained the world around them, passed knowledge on, divulged cautionary tales, and shared lessons. Still, it's safe to say that as fun, exciting, and important as myths were and still are, there's little-to-no truth to them, and they shouldn't be believed word for word. Nowadays, the word 'myth' is used to categorize false tales that cause misinformation and confusion. For example, there are some myths regarding synthetic oil that need to be debunked, so that you can make better decisions for your vehicle's maintenance. To learn the truth behind these, continue reading the post below.

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The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

First, You Need to Use Conventional Oil

Back in the day, this myth was a complete truth: vehicles did need conventional oil to be broken in. However, with the changes in synthetic oil and engine technology, that is no longer the case. So, feel free to use synthetic oil from the first instance if you want.

Synthetic Oil is Completely Man-Made

Some people think that the difference between synthetic and conventional oil is that the former is man-made, while the latter is natural. Still, both of these oils come from natural oil. It's the process in the lab that's what differences them.

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It Could Render the Warranty Useless

This third myth has absolutely no truth to it, and it actually couldn't be farther from it, since some vehicle manufacturers even recommend using synthetic oil. Whether you choose conventional or synthetic oil, all you have to do is meet the vehicle's requirements and the warranty will be fine.

Its Use Causes Cracks and Leaks

This myth comes from a complete misunderstanding. Synthetic oil itself doesn't cause cracks and leaks on the engine. However, its thinner consistency makes it so that it finds pre-existing cracks more easily. In fact, it's better that synthetic oil finds those issues, so you can take your vehicle to a professional mechanic who can address them.

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There's No Turning Back From It

By this point, you already know that this one doesn't hold any truth to it, either. No, there's actually no problem in changing between conventional and synthetic oils for your vehicle. You can go back and forth as you please and as your vehicle needs.

You Don't Need to Change It

This one myth can actually be dangerous, so you truly shouldn't listen to it. While it is true that synthetic oils are more resistant and need to be changed less often than their conventional counterparts, they still need to be replaced every so often. Not doing so can have dire consequences, so be sure to keep up with this maintenance task.

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There's No Need to Change the Filter Either

The oil filter in your vehicle has a very messy but important job: it keeps dirt, gunk, and other filth away from your engine's inner system. Still, time and use can render it ineffective. That's why it's absolutely necessary that you replace it after each time you replace the synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil is More Expensive

Finally, this myth is not all myth: synthetic oil has a higher price point on the market. However, once you take into account the many benefits that come from it (fewer replacements, a healthier engine, a more cost-efficient vehicle, and more), you will understand that it's actually the cheaper option of the two.

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