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The Basic Inspections and Cares That Your Boat Needs Regularly

Marine engines are not identical to engines in cars and other vehicles but they do have very similar needs. For one they all require maintenance and care but how much and how often this needs to happen may vary based on several different factors. Let´s take a look at some of the important areas and maintenance care that your marine engine requires.

The Need to Keep Your Boat Clean

Your boat needs to stay clean and be washed off and rinsed after a ride through the waters. This is especially true when you are around salt water. This may not be a very direct maintenance care for the engine but it does affect it in some ways. For starters, salt water can be incredibly corrosive and can slowly make its way inside the different areas of your boat and over time and after much exposure may start to reach the engine as well. So, it isn´t just about keeping the exterior of your boat looking good keeping your boat clean washed and rinsed prevents corrosive agents, dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants a little further away from your engine.

Keep Corrosion and Filth Away

Your engine also needs to be kept clean. Some marine engines still have carburetors that can start to get sticky and filthy over time and may begin to cause trouble. This is usually just a matter of cleaning it and using good products such as AMSOIL Power Foam, that can facilitate this. Build up may also accumulate in the engine when there is a lack of proper lubrication care or when a low-quality oil is being used and not changed often. There are many other contributors that can lead to buildup and sludge but the best way to avoid all of this is to ensure proper lubrication.

Keep Your Marine Engine Internally Clean

Using synthetic oil has many benefits and one of them is the reduction and faster elimination of sludge build up. Synthetic oil is a sturdier much more resilient high-performance lubricant that provides all the protection your marine engine needs. It is an efficient and proactive way to combat sludge deposits and to ward off buildup from being created. It's highly resilient formula adapts to extreme temperatures and other severe conditions. It is much more long lasting because it does not easily break down or decay when faced with any drastic conditions. AMSOIL has the best marine engine lubricants on the market. Try them today and experience the great improvements in your engine performance and durability. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc a(757) 377-5823 for more information and for direct help in finding the right motor oil for your boat.

Inspect and Change the Motor Oil

Checking the oil and making sure that you replace it as needed is a highly crucial maintenance task. In fact, it is the main and most important thing you can do to care for your boat. As we previously mentioned the type of oil your marine engine requires will vary by model and type of engine but you should always aim for excellent quality products. Check your oil regularly before you head out on the water and change it when you detect that its levels tend to drop or that it has become filthy or worn. This usually means around every 100 hours of operation. For some this normally means once a year but depending on the type of use you give your watercraft it may need to be more often.

Check the Propeller

For those that have an outboard or stern drive type of boat, the propeller is another important area that needs to be checked before heading out. It is ok to just quickly check and ensure it is working well before you head out. However, in high season it is very important that every so often, you remove it and thoroughly inspect it. Do this a few times during your most busy months in order to be able to truly look at it and check that it has not dented, torn or suffered any other damage. Sometimes the damage appears very insignificant but even small dents can lead to excess fuel burn off and other performance issues. Also, clean it out and check for any discarded fishing lines that may have gotten stuck in the propeller shaft.

Performance and Safety With a Synthetic Oil Change in Chesapeake for Your Marine Engine

Your boat is a great pride and you should be able to head out on the waters confidently. That is why you need to make sure your boat continues to perform superbly and that you ensure safety. To do so, use products of great quality. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc at (757) 377-5823 today and order the items you need to keep your marine engine in top shape.

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