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The Need for Special Lubrication in Marine Engines

Marine engines have a highly demanding load whether cruising or trolling they still have to move at an increased number of revolutions per minute. Therefore marine engines need specialized products designed to meet the requirements of their intense workload and sometimes prolonged idle time and conditions. Today, we want to discuss how to select the best marine motor oil for your boat and how to meet the lubrication needs of these more specialized engines.

Consider the Quality of the Lubrication That You Add to Your Marine Engine

The first thing you need to consider is the quality of the lubricant. Most offer somewhat sufficient friction protection but not all can withstand the severe conditions and temperatures that can the engine may face. Regular motor oil may be able to keep your marine engine afloat with regular lubrication but when things get difficult and temperatures intensify they may not be able to fully lubricate at its best. Heat and low degrees are factors that can diminish the important lubricating properties of other oils. Yet, with AMSOIL synthetic oil you don´t have to worry about lubrication performance, all you need to worry about is heading out on the water and enjoying your ride.

Different Types of Marine Engines Require Different Lubrication

Marine engines are usually two-stroke or four-stroke and each type of engine has a different system that allows them to function and power the boat. Since there are significant differences between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine and how they carry out their gas-exchange process, the lubrication they require also varies. Two-stroke engines are lubricated by oil that is mixed with fuel. There are two types of two-stroke oil. injector safe and pre-mix. Four-stroke engines on the other hand come in a variety of oil grades, similar to that of your car.

Two-Stroke Marine Oil: Injector Safe and Pre-mixed

The injector safe oil goes straight into the engine there it is combined with the fuel. The pre-mix two-stroke motor oil is just what its name states. It is a previous combination of oil and fuel that is already mixed before it is introduced into the fuel tank. Both types of two-stroke oils carry out the function of lubricating along with their fuel source. This makes them notorious for more rapid wear because they do not have a devoted lubricator source. Nonetheless, this is not always the case. The amount of wear in your two-stroke engine can be incredibly reduced if you use a quality synthetic lubricant such as AMSOIL. Quality lubrication diminishes the impact of friction on your engine and coats offers the proper coating. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc to purchase the most valuable and powerful synthetic oil for your marine engine.

Four-Stroke Marine Oil Comes in Different Oil Grade Varieties

Four-stroke engines need a specific grade of motor oil. There are different oil grades and what grade your marine engine needs will be determined by your manufacturer. To learn what oil grade is required for your boat, you need to consult your owner´s manual. Some manufacturers will provide a range of oil grades that can be used and listed will be under what conditions or climate you should use those variety of oil grades. It is crucial that you follow the recommended range or speficied grade of oil because not doing so can wear out your engine and cause it to suffere breakdown. Not to mention that it can also cause the warranty of your marine engine to be invalidated.

Use a Synthetic Oil Intended for Marine Use

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is other vehicles and machines that use two-stroke or four-stroke oil and it is vital that you use an oil that specifically states its use for marine engines. The enviornment that a marine engine operates in and the conditions it faces are not like those that other engines face. This means that both the motor and the enviornment need to be considered. Using a marine motor oil that has low aquatic toxicity is ideal and will benefit your engine while taking into consideration eviornmental sustaintability.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change for Your Marine Watercraft

Changing the oil in your marine engine  is necessary and should be done around every 100 hours or about every 6 months depending on the use that you give your boat. Remember that using quality synthetic oil can prolong the lifetime of your engine and greatly improve its performance. Call Factory Direct Oil Inc at (757) 377-5823 and find the right AMSOIL products to maximize marine engine performance and reliability.

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