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Racing Lubrication. Drag racing, stock car racing and traditional circle track racing lubrication. Synthetic racing oil. Differences between drag racing oil and traditional racing lubricants.

Synthetic Oils Are the Most Reliable Racing Lubricants

There are many different types of car races, such as drag racing, off-road racing, formula one, sports car racing, and even the popular stock car racing.  Each type of racing environment demands different things from the engine. That is why even when it comes to racing oil there is a very wide variety. However, there is one common denominator in all lubricants that truly improves their protection ability. The molecular formula. Synthetic oils have a superior molecular formula that provides much better lubrication than conventional oils. That makes them widely popular for racing applications.

High-Quality Synthetic Racing Oil

Quality is a great factor in all lubricants and AMSOIL offers only top-notch synthetic lubricants for every type of engine and situation. From drag racing to regular vehicle use you can count on AMSOIL products to give your engine the protection it needs. Call Factory Direct Oil Inc today at (757) 377-5823.

The Main Difference Among Synthetic Racing Oils is the Additive Package and Viscosity

Although most racing oils are synthetic, there are some factors that differentiate them from each other. The main difference is based on the additive package and viscosity. All race engines require truly reliable lubrication but they each have different additional demands. Since synthetic oil is the perfect base lubricant all that really changes when it comes to racing oils is the oil grade or viscosity and what additives are mixed into it.

Drag Racing Lubrication

The fact that drag races are a very short distance means that although the engine is working hard to reach very high speeds, it doesn´t reach elevated temperatures. The length of the race doesn´t force the engine to work that long. Therefore, drag racing oil doesn´t need to provide as much heat protection as that of stock car racing or other more traditional racing applications. This means that the viscosity is also more like that of regular cars and not as thick as other racing oils. However, the additive package for drag racing oil needs to provide the right properties that protect the engine from wear and excessive friction.  Drag racing oil must also have enhancing horsepower additives that help the engine perform at the the speeds it needs to. AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR® 10W-30 Racing Oil is perfect for drag racing application as it offers a reliable viscosity and the perfect anti-wear formulation. Even though the oil grades for drag race oil seem similar to those of your street oil, there are still several difference. You can learn more about this and the differences between drag racing lubrication and normal engine oil, in this previous post.

Stock Car Racing and More Traditional Races

Stock car races are held in oval tracks where more the tracks are around  0.25 to 2.66 miles they are part of more traditional circle track car racing. In these type of races it is much more common for the engine to heat up because the distance increases. The length of time is greater and therefore the engine is working hard at high speeds for longer periods. Due to the longer duration the engine cannot maintain speeds that are as great as those in advanced drag racing. While drag racing speeds reach over 300 mph more traditional circle track racing cars reach an average of 200 mph but they maintain those high speeds for a greater distance.

The Lubrication Needs of More Traditional Circle Track Racing

Vehicles that participate in more traditional circle track races have different engine lubrication needs because they demand superior heat protection. The speeds the engine reaches and the length of the race create an increase of heat that can become quite dangerous. That is why it is absolutely necessary that the adequate racing oil be used. For this application, racing oils that have a thicker viscosity and/or that have an additive package that protects against viscosity loss are ideal. For races where there is a greater demand of speed performance and greater duration that leads to a higher increase in temperature use AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR® SAE 60 Racing Oil. This is one of the most reliable lubricants on the market for extreme heat racing conditions.

Quality Racing Lubrication With a Synthetic Oil Change in Virginia Beach

No matter what type of race vehicle you own, or what racing conditions your engine faces, you can always ensure that it stays protected with the most powerful lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic racing oil has proven time and time again to be among the most reliable engine oils for racing applications. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc to get a hold of AMSOIL lubricants and experience the difference today.  

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