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Drag Racing Lubrication Needs Vs. Those of Regular Cars

Drag racing is the organized motorsport that consists of (usually) two cars racing at full speed on a straight race track to reach the cross line first. It is well known that drag racing has been around for a long time, almost as long as cars have been around. Yet, there are several things that have changed. Some of the rules and regulations have evolved but its most drastic changes lay in the vehicles themselves. Their performance and the technology of the products used to maintain their higher-demanding engines have come a long way. If you are starting out in the world of drag racing it is imperative that you distinguish the differences between the lubrication care that your regular vehicle needs and that which your racing engine requires. The following information should provide you with a better idea on why your regular car engine and a racing motor require different types of lubrication.

All Engines Need to Be Protected Against Friction

The engine is what does a great load of the work and it is the most vital component for the performance of your vehicle. Both in racing and for regular use, it is absolutely necessary that you protect the engine parts against friction and heat. Lubricants are the products that help complete this function. However, there is a wide variety of lubricants and motor oils each with different qualities to match the needs of the different engine demands.

Lubrication Requirements Vary Depending on the Engine Demands

Your regular vehicle does require quality lubrication but in a different degree than a racing motor and with different protective properties. The daily use and normal conditions on your regular vehicle can still wear out the internal parts of the engine if it is not properly lubricated. The parts that are in motion not only cause friction but also produce heat. The motor oil´s job is to try and eliminate the friction while assisting in cooling the parts.

Both Regular Engines and Racing Motors Benefit from Synthetic Lubricants but of Different Types

Synthetic lubricants are the best products for all types of lubrication needs because they have an incredibly durable molecular structure that continues to offer protection even in higher temperatures. AMSOIL is the go-to brand for all types of lubricants. Whether you are looking for engine oil for your regular vehicle or your drag racing motor, at Factory Direct Oil Inc. you will find what you need. Contact them today at (757) 377-5823 and get the best lubricants for your synthetic oil change.

Racing Oil is Meets More Demanding Driving Conditions

Racing oils are designed for the specific use of intense conditions and the incredibly demanding circumstances of driving a vehicle at very high speeds. The engine of a drag racing vehicle faces a different set of obstacles than that of a regular car. It must, of course, confront the dangers of friction but at a much more intensified level. The type of performance motor oils used for this application has an additive package very different to that of your regular lubricant. On top of the higher amount friction, the speeds at which the vehicles are driven produce a much more severe level of heat. In fact, a racing engine ends up producing around 1.5 to 3 times more horsepower than a regular motor. That is an excessive amount of heat being dispersed and it is crucial that the lubricant it uses is able to handle that.

Racing Engines Require Better Heat Protection

Not all motor oils are able to withstand intensified levels of heat with the same efficiency. Many times the levels of heat being produced will affect the viscosity and protective properties of the lubricant. That is why synthetic racing oils are the best option. However, just like with all things the product must match the demands for which it will be used for. So, even though racing oils perform great on the track and under higher pressure and faster speeds, their elements and additive package is not exactly beneficial for every day use and should not be used for regular engine demands.

The Right Lubricant for the Synthetic Oil Change of All Your Vehicles in Norfolk

Allow your drag racing vehicle to perform at its best with AMSOIL racing lubricants. No matter what type of engine oil you are looking for, whether it is for your drag racing vehicle, your everyday use car, motorcycle or even lubrication for your boat, at Factory Direct Oil Inc you will find the perfect product. Call them today at (757) 377-5823 and let your engine experience the improvement.

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