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Our world´s pollution problem is getting worse every day and there are many contributing factors, but more importantly, is what we can do to help prevent it from worsening. Which is why this Earth day (April 22nd) we want to invite you to reflect on how our decisions affect our environment and we would like to encourage you to take even just a small step towards a healthier planet with synthetic oil changes.

Synthetic Oil Can Help Your Vehicle Reduce Contamination

Let´s face it, our vehicles are strong sources of contamination, and if we don't take care of them properly they can take an even more terrible toll on the environment. As mentioned in our previous post, oil checks and oil changes are crucial parts of engine maintenance, and although motor oil can be prejudicial to the environment it all depends on the choices you make, from what type of motor oil you use to how you dispose of it. Using synthetic oil is the most efficient way to provide full benefits for your engine while making a better choice for the environment. Amsoil full synthetic oil enhances engine performance, improving the overall functionality of your vehicle and reducing the need for constant oil changes, which leads to less oil wasted and a lower chance for improper disposal of such. Synthetic oil can also help reduce polluting emissions caused by oil burn off by up to 80%. Learn more about what Amsoil can do for your vehicle and how you can contribute to the reduction of used oil waste, contact us today.

 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Normal Car More Earth Friendly With Synthetic Oil

  1. Proper maintenance. A car that is in good shape is less likely to contaminate and produces less pollution. Staying on top of all maintenance needs is important. Oil checks and oil changes help keep the engine protected and running smoothly. Changing the oil filter as needed along with the oil is also important as it helps reduce the soot and sludge build up that could accumulate, burn off and reach our atmosphere, not to mention that it also affects your engine and the lubrication.
  2. Get fewer oil changes. Reducing the number of oil changes conducted in a year will make a significant and positive difference in our environment. It is risky to just prolong the oil change interval or ignore it for long periods when using conventional oil, as this can lead to damage in the engine parts or even total engine wreckage. However, when you use synthetic oil the oil change intervals are much longer and therefore, your vehicle requires fewer oil changes. Conventional oil needs to be changed at least 3-4 times a year, in comparison, most synthetic oil only needs to be changed once or twice at the most. Certain types of synthetic oil such as Amsoil Signature Series have an even more prolonged period of performance and do not have to be changed until around 25,000 miles of use, which is about one synthetic oil change every year and a half.
  3. Ride a bike or walk. Having a car to commute and get you places is crucial for our lifestyles, but every once in a while it is a good idea to walk or take a bike to the grocery that is just a few blocks down or to visit a friend that lives nearby. Being mindful of when taking the car is necessary and when we can do without it, can help our health, our economy, and our planet.
  4. Properly dispose of used motor oil. In the United States, it has been proven that a little less than half of the motor oil that is discarded is thrown into the soil or into the drain or another water system. About twenty percent of the used motor oil is dumped in the trash and ends up in landfills while about nineteen percent is utilized for other things and only a  fourteen percent is recycled properly, the rest, an estimate of about six percent is burned up. Whether you use conventional or synthetic oil, discarding it adequately after it has run its course is necessary for the health of our planet. The ideal way of disposing of used motor oil is to take it to a disposal center where it can be recycled. Search for the nearest center that accepts used motor oil for recycling and make sure you take it there and never dump it in the sewer or soil.

 The Best Result in Your Vehicle and Our Planet With a Synthetic Oil Change in Norfolk

Make a better choice for your vehicle and the environment when you choose Amsoil synthetic oil, and buy these and other quality Amsoil products at Factory Direct Oil Inc. Dial (757) 377-5823 today.

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