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Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes are Both Crucial for the Safety of Your Engine

It is usually the little mishaps that turn into big problems when unattended. This is especially true when it comes to your engine. Ignoring to check the oil level or overlooking a necessary oil change can result in great harm to your engine and may lead to truly disastrous events. Today we want to explain why both oil checks and synthetic oil changes are so crucial to the maintenance and well being of your engine.

Taking Good Care of the Engine With Synthetic Oil

Your car loses much of its worth as a vehicle without a properly working engine. As mentioned in our previous post, the engine has several very important jobs that it completes in order for the vehicle to function adequately, but in order to complete them, it requires motor oil. A good motor oil not only lubricates and coats against friction, but also helps reduce heat, stabilize acidity and remove sludge deposits inside the engine. Full synthetic oil completes these and other essential functions, providing better protection and a wider variety of benefits. That is why, at Factory Direct Oil Inc, we recommend AMSOIL full synthetic oil, the best motor oil for your engine. Contact us now and experience for yourself the incredible benefits of synthetic oil.

The Need for Oil Checks

Oil checks allow you to know when your engine is running low on oil and allow you to observe the conditions the oil is in. Checking the oil often also helps you stay aware of any other probable complications. Maintaining the right oil level is crucial as the engine depends on it for protection.  Having an engine working with a reduced amount of oil forces the engine to work without lubrication, and with very little coverage against harmful factors, causing it to wear out, breakdown and malfunction quicker.

The Importance of Changing the Oil

Oil changes are also important. Over time, even the best motor oil will start to lose its properties and its ability to lubricate at its full potential. Synthetic oil will last much longer than other motor oils but will also need to be changed at some point. Since motor oil also helps absorb and remove impurities such as dirt, soot, and sludge that may affect the engine, over time it will become saturated along with the oil filter. Both will need to be replaced for maximum benefits. Synthetic oil changes allow the engine to always stay safe and perform at its best with clean, renovated and highly effective lubrication.

What to Look for When Checking the Oil

There are two things that you are inspecting during every oil check, the level of oil and condition of the oil. First, you start off by pulling out the oil dipstick and wiping it clean. Next, place it back inside and pull it out again. The second time you pull it out, look closely at the end of the dipstick and locate the mark left behind by the oil. That oil mark is indicating where the oil level stands. If the mark is closer to the top indicator then it means it is almost at the full level, but if it is closer to the bottom indicator then it is running low. If the oil mark is in the middle or even a few centimeters below the full mark, it is best to add more before it continues to reduce. If it is lower than that, it is absolutely crucial that you add more oil immediately.

Signs That Help You Determine If the Oil Needs to Be Changed

Once you have determined where the oil level stands, use the oil dipstick to pick up some oil and slide some between your fingers. Ideally, it should be a slippery and have a non-rough feel, but if you feel other particles or if it leaves a dirt smear then it needs to be changed soon. Also, take a look at the transparency and color. A very dark color that is also very dingy and not at all transparent means it needs to be changed. However, a not so dark color that still remains a bit clear even if it is brownish may probably withstand a few more miles before an oil change is absolutely necessary.

Experience the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Portsmouth

At Factory Direct Oil Inc, we want to help you save while keeping your engine safe. We provide the best quality products and most efficient full synthetic oil at affordable prices. Call us today at (757) 377-5823 and start experiencing the many benefits of AMSOIL.

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