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The Relation Between Friction, Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Oil

All vehicles require a good working engine to keep them moving. Avoiding engine malfunction is crucial in order to protect your investment. As mentioned previously in another post, friction is one of those elements that most often causes engine problems. Yet, dangerous wear and tear are not the only negative effects of friction. Friction can also lead to lower fuel efficiency in your vehicle. For that reason, today at Factory Direct Oil Inc we want to share some information regarding how friction and fuel efficiency are related and why a synthetic oil change not only protects the engine but also improves gasoline mileage.

Why Synthetic Oil Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency

There are several functions that a car engine must complete but the most important one is converting the gasoline into fuel that powers the movement of the vehicle. In order to complete this job, different pieces inside the engine need to be in constant movement, as the pieces move past one another they encounter friction. Without sufficient lubrication, the friction will also cause a strong resistance and prevent the pieces from effectively continuing the movement. The friction causes the resistance to slow down the motion and effectiveness of the movement, making the engine work much harder to get through this difficulty. Since the engine has to work harder it will also require more fuel, and end up using more gasoline.

Full Synthetic Oil Renders Better Gasoline Mileage

Prevent the engine from having to do double duty and face difficulties such as resistance, friction and other factors that may wear it out and cause it to use up more fuel, with the right lubrication. Full synthetic oil is the best way to make sure your engine gets the lubrication it needs, and the fuel efficiency you want. Get a hold of the best full synthetic oil available at our Amsoil online shop, where you will find quality products and great deals. You can also contact us directly for more information about our products and help to find the right item for your vehicle.

Save Money on Gasoline With Synthetic Oil

Using the right motor oil will also make a huge impact in how much money you save when it comes down to several factors. One of those is gasoline. Car engines tend to lack effectiveness when it comes to using the gasoline conveniently and completely to fully fuel the movement of the vehicle. Add the negative effects of friction to their already low efficiency, and you can bet there is a lot of gasoline being wasted. Synthetic oil's ability to withstand all sorts of difficult conditions and extreme weather will allow the engine to stay friction free for longer, regardless of the circumstances you drive into.

Where Does Gasoline Go?

The reason why we mentioned that the engine is not exactly all that effective in using gasoline is because, contrary to what most people believe, not 100% of the gasoline you put in your car is used to solely fuel the movement of the vehicle. The fuel in a vehicle is not used completely to power the wheels, actually, only 20% of the gasoline you fill up your tank with is used for this. Around 70% of the gasoline is used to fuel other smaller necessities such as the radiator, the water pump and the exhaust heat. The rest, which is about 10% ends up in losses such as that of drivetrain losses and the highest portion is used up by friction loss. This means that supplying sufficient and effective lubrication to the engine can make a positive difference in your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Reduce Friction by Keeping the Lubrication System in Working Order

Never neglect the many aspects that can reduce lubrication if you want to help the engine become more effective in fuel use. The lubrication system is a great tool that can help with this task but it also needs to be well kept. Checking to make sure that the oil system parts, such as the oil filter and the oil pump are in good working condition can make a difference in how well friction is reduced. Learn how the oil system works and checks to make sure that your car is not facing significant leaks that may be depriving the engine of much needed lubrication.

Better Fuel Efficiency With a Synthetic Oil Change in Chesapeake

Verify that the type of motor oil you use is efficient and effective, buy Amsoil full synthetic oil  and get your synthetic oil change soon. Call us at (757) 377-5823 and allow your engine to become more fuel efficient today.

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