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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Maintenace Needs for the Protection of Your Engine

There are many changes that take place during the summer, primarily related to the weather.  During the summer, the heat becomes a constant factor and it alters many things, including the performance of your vehicle´s engine. It is necessary to take precautions and carry out extra measures to protect your engine. At Factory Direct Oil Inc, we want to share some information that can help you preserve your engine even in the scorching summer heat.

Make Sure That Your Vehicle Has Adequate Engine Lubrication

In a previous post, we discussed how necessary it is that you check and change the oil in your engine. This vital maintenance task becomes even more crucial in the summer. The heat can corrode many fluids inside your engine, and most conventional motor oils are debilitated by it. The rising temperatures thin out some regular motor oils and deprive them of their ability to lubricate correctly. This leads to the vehicle needing oil changes more often.

Use Synthetic Oil for Better Protection in the Heat

Synthetic oil has a much higher resistance to hot weather and extreme conditions. Its stability prevents it from being used up or worn down by the heat. It not only withstands severe heat but also helps in the reduction of it. Synthetic oil does this through two important functions. One, it prevents heat when it reduces friction because friction also produces heat. Secondly, it absorbs the heat and helps cool down the engine. AMSOIL is a top notch brand when it comes to engine lubrication and absolute protection. There is no better way to improve the performance and safety of your engine than to use AMSOIL and go for a synthetic oil change today. Contact us immediately and get your engine protected with AMSOIL synthetic oil.

Make Sure That the Cooling System Is Working Well

There are also other critical fluids running through your engine. The radiator fluid is the most crucial for reducing the heat inside the engine. Radiator fluid, also known as coolant, has the sole function of regulating the temperature of the engine so that it can perform without risk of overheating. The coolant, radiator, water pump, fan, thermostat, pressure cap, overflow tank and hoses, are different components that make up the cooling system. The cooling system functions as a whole to move along the coolant towards the engine parts that need to be refreshed. Since the engine relies heavily on the cooling system to stay safe against heat, it is crucial that the cooling system is always functioning at its best. You can help ensure that this happens by staying alert and having it checked if there are any sudden changes in the engine temperature that are not caused by low levels of coolant.

Check the Coolant and Get Professional Help If You Notice Any Problems

The coolant needs to be checked on more often during the summer months. Coolant levels need to be well maintained and they may drop faster during this time, but they should not decrease dramatically. Look under your vehicle for indications of a leak but don´t rely heavily on this. Sometimes the leak may be so small that it only slightly drips and doesn´t leave an evident puddle. In case your vehicle starts to drastically lose coolant, you should carry an extra bottle of coolant in the trunk. However, this should only be used as an emergency measure to get the vehicle to a mechanic and have the problem fixed. There could be a tear in one of the hoses or another malfunction that causes the coolant to be quickly depleted. Whatever the case, be sure to have your vehicle checked out if the coolant levels frequently drop.

Take a Look at the Belts and Replace Them If Needed

Every part of the engine carries out an important function. The belts in your engine are usually sturdy and last a long time but over time, they start to deteriorate. As part of your summer maintenance, you should take a look at the belts and see if they need to be replaced.  Excessive wear, cracks, and a loose or soft belt all indicate that the belts need to be changed.

Summer Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Chesapeake

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Preventive maintenance will allow your engine to last longer and stay intact this summer. Get a synthetic oil change and use products that help care for your vehicle. Call (757) 377-5823 now to obtain the AMSOIL products you need at the best price.

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