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Why Use Synthetic Oil to Minimize Fuel Consumption?

In a previous post, we discussed how synthetic oil changes help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and we mentioned how important it is to reduce friction in order to make the engine more fuel efficient. Well, today at Factory Direct Oil Inc. we want to further discuss the subject and talk about why it is so important to reduce gasoline and use with synthetic oil.

The Importance of Reducing Gasoline Pollution

Whether the environment is a big concern for you or not, it is inevitable to realize the damage and effects of pollution and what a toll it is taking on our planet. Fuel is an essential fluid and most vehicles require it to be able to get around. Unlike motor oil that only needs to be changed every so often, gasoline constantly needs to be replenished and is used up almost immediately. Fuel is truly crucial for our vehicles and necessary for getting them but it also has a very negative effect on our environment. When the engine uses up the fuel and burns it off there is a residue left behind. Hydrocarbons and other toxic products are a result of the fuel burn off and is constantly released into our atmosphere. In fact, vehicles are responsible for about 30%-50% of all hydrocarbon byproducts released into our air. This is a great deal of dangerous byproducts lingering in our atmosphere and it has detrimental effects.

Synthetic Oil Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency Among Other Benefits

Reducing gasoline use is not just good for the environment and our health it can also benefit our wallets. Synthetic oil allows the efficiency of the engine to greatly increase, reducing the need to burn off more fuel to in order to complete its job. It also allows the different engine parts to smoothly remain in motion without facing resistance and this reduces the need to fuel the movement, decreases gasoline consumption. The simplest and most efficient way to start improving the fuel economy of your vehicle is to start using Amsoil full synthetic oil. Amsoil provides great advantages and incredible protection, visit the Amsoil online store or contact us here. 

Tips to Reduce Gasoline Consumption in Your Engine

  • Be smart about the use of your vehicle and your time. The amount of contamination and polluting byproducts that gasoline emits into the atmosphere increases during short drives. The engine operates and processes the fuel better when it reaches a  higher temperature and during short the engine doesn´t get the opportunity to reach the right temperature and the gasoline use becomes more harmful to both the engine and the environment. The best thing to do is to use your vehicle for drives that are over five kilometers. The best thing to do when you need to go places that are not very far is to plan your errands and other trips back to back so that you can save both fuel and time.
  • Lighten up the load. The heavier the load on your vehicle the more the engine will have to work and the more gasoline it will use. Try to clean out your trunk and do not place any unnecessary items, many times we tend to clutter our vehicles with things that we haul around not realizing how much this adds to the load and increases fuel use.
  • Use the  AC only when necessary. One of the most important factors that many seem to miss is the fact that gasoline is not just used to fuel the movement of the vehicle it also powers the other minor functions. One of those minor functions is the air conditioner of your vehicle, using it constantly can increase gasoline burn off by up to 10%. The best way to keep cool is to lower your windows before you get into the car, let the heat leave and let the inside of your vehicle vent off before getting in, that way you don´t have to blast on the AC as soon as you get on, and if you do need to use it it will take less time to cool the inside and you can turn it off soon.

The Most Benefits at the Best Price With a Synthetic Oil Change in Virginia Beach

No matter what your reason is for wanting to reduce gasoline burn off, whether you are looking for some fuel savings or looking for ways to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly, you can be sure that Amsoil full synthetic oil will help you get the job done. Purchase the best synthetic oil for your engine, call (757) 377-5823 today.

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