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Synthetic Oil Is More Important Than You Think

Not using a quality oil and avoiding to complete oil checks and changes, are two tragic mistakes that can be deadly for your engine. Making sure that your engine always counts with the best lubricants will save you a lot of trouble with your vehicle. Today, we want to dig deeper into this issue and explain how important it is that you use the right type of lubricants for your engine.

What Can Happen When You Don´t Use Good Quality Lubricants

  • Engine parts start to wear out. Without quality lubrication, the engine parts start to face friction and wear out faster. Other factors also affect the engine more easily when there is a lack of proper lubrication. To learn more about how to better protect the engine against the friction visit our previous post, here.
  • Sludge begins to take over. When your engine doesn´t have a good lubricant it can start to form sludge. It is important to be aware of the problems this can cause. Read our previous post, here, to learn about the dangers of sludge buildup and how to prevent them.
  • You spend more on gasoline. Unreliable lubrication also forces your engine to work harder and use up more gasoline. Not to mention that if you use the wrong grade of motor oil (more on this in a minute) your engine is more likely to consume greater amounts of fuel. Synthetic oil can help you save on gasoline and help your vehicle become more fuel efficient.
  • You sacrifice engine durability. Overall, cheap lubricants and poor friction protection lead to all sorts of problems within the engine. The engine parts wear out and soon start to glitch or completely break down. All these problems lead to your engine breaking down or deteriorating much sooner.

Synthetic Oil Gives Your Engine the Best Protection and Most Reliable Lubrication

To avoid all of the negative setbacks of improper lubrication you need to use a reliable synthetic oil that can ensure the protection of the engine. AMSOIL synthetic oil is one of the highest ranking synthetic oils on the market. It is engineered to improve performance and durability. Very few motor oils can offer all the incredible benefits that AMSOIL can provide for your engine. Contact Factory Direct Oil Inc  and stop placing your engine in danger instead get the most reliable lubrication.

Use the Right Motor Oil Grade for Your Engine

Synthetic oil ensures that your engine stays well protected against heat, friction, sludge, and all other negative factors that can harm the engine pieces. Yet, you must also make sure that you always use the right grade of motor oil.  You can find the motor oil grade printed on the bottle of most motor oils. The motor oil grade describes the viscosity or thickness of the oil. The higher the number the thicker it tends to be. Most quality motor oils are multigrade. They will usually have two numbers, one before a W and another after it. It has two grades because the viscosity of these lubricants can adapt to the temperature in order to better protect the engine.

Synthetic Oil Technology Provides Multigrade Protection

Synthetic oil has higher technology that will provide two different ratings because it can adapt to the cold in the winter and in the heat it will stay thick enough to lubricate without thinning out. In most bottles, you will see a multigrade number that appears something like this, 5W-20. The W stands for winter and the number before it represents the viscosity of the oil at a colder temperature. Since regular motor oil tends to thicken in the cold and prevents the engine from immediately obtaining proper lubrication, it is important to avoid this by using a multigrade oil. A lower number before the W means a faster flow in the cold in this case lower is usually better. However when it comes to the regular oil grade number lower does not mean better and you should always stick to the recommendations of your manufacturer. In regular operating temperatures, some engines require a thicker coverage, and may not be properly protected if the viscosity isn´t as thick as it needs to be.

Find the Right Type of Lubrication for Your Synthetic Oil Changes in Norfolk

Check your manufacturer´s recommendations to find out what motor oil grade your specific engine requires. When in doubt, you can always use our vehicle look-up tool here as a reference to find the adequate type of lubrication for your vehicle. You can also call us at (757) 377-5823 and get the right AMSOIL products today.

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