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The Basic Inspections and Cares That Your Boat Needs Regularly

Marine engines are not identical to engines in cars and other vehicles but they do have very similar needs. For one they all require maintenance and care but how much and how often this needs to happen may vary based on several...

The Need for Special Lubrication in Marine Engines

Marine engines have a highly demanding load whether cruising or trolling they still have to move at an increased number of revolutions per minute. Therefore marine engines need specialized products designed to meet the requirements of their...

Synthetic Oil Is More Important Than You Think

Not using a quality oil and avoiding to complete oil checks and changes, are two tragic mistakes that can be deadly for your engine. Making sure that your engine always counts with the best lubricants will save you a lot of trouble with your...

Synthetic Oil and Sludge Prevention Advice

We normally discuss the need for engine lubrication and the various ways in which motor oil helps your vehicle perform at its best. Engines clearly rely on this slippery liquid to get their job done. However, today we want to discuss the other side of...

Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Maintenace Needs for the Protection of Your Engine

There are many changes that take place during the summer, primarily related to the weather.  During the summer, the heat becomes a constant factor and it alters many things, including the performance of your...

Why Use Synthetic Oil to Minimize Fuel Consumption?

In a previous post, we discussed how synthetic oil changes help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and we mentioned how important it is to reduce friction in order to make the engine more fuel efficient. Well, today at Factory Direct Oil...
Our world´s pollution problem is getting worse every day and there are many contributing factors, but more importantly, is what we can do to help prevent it from worsening. Which is why this Earth day (April 22nd) we want to invite you to reflect on how our decisions affect our environment and we...

Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes are Both Crucial for the Safety of Your Engine

It is usually the little mishaps that turn into big problems when unattended. This is especially true when it comes to your engine. Ignoring to check the oil level or overlooking a necessary oil change can result...

The Relation Between Friction, Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Oil

All vehicles require a good working engine to keep them moving. Avoiding engine malfunction is crucial in order to protect your investment. As mentioned previously in another post, friction is one of those elements that most often...

Synthetic Oil for Complete Friction Protection

Sometimes friction can be good, like  when having to starting a fire in the wild, but it is dreadful when talking about your engine. That is because intense friction and lack of proper lubrication is the leading cause of engine breakdowns, but don´t...

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